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      1. 寫人作文


        | 點擊:


        Give a help hand as a volunteer.

        We everyone all ought to make one being generous in giving help , does not ask bring back a report, do not ask the back-off people for help. Be just to make one being ready to help for free other people"s people.
        The people who makes one being generous in giving help is in fact very simple , person little thing , that all so to speak are to be generous in giving help other even though being to help. Finish having as the saying goes: Do not think any vice trivial, and so practice it .
        It is just because that such, we do not believe helping others is piece of minor matter, the morning makes night compose it makes no difference, had better not compose, may make you become a egoistic people like that only, others is ready to be that egoistic one person gives a hand neither hereafter during the period of you have difficulty.
        In life, we can come across the people who needs to give a hand always and everywhere all , we may feel happy as long as helping his once, soon, possibly will be joyful one such our state of mind has also finished changing naturally all day long, also accommodate oneself to energy more well, happier life.
        We are wanted as far as possible help others, bear range as long as not exceeding us. Others’ fault what thing help to be going to help, to need to draw a clear distinction between the bad thing and the good deed in helping. If one people let you go to help him to commit murder and arson, rob stealing; be to be able to help him never. Carry going to a thing , asking about a road down and so on in self"s hand if one people lets you give a hand , be to be able to tell him then.
        You have helped that person not only single, this has also implied, you have helped self while you help others, having helped self to have known that a friend, helps self moment having difficulty in hereafter is able to help you coming somebody, one among them probably having helped your that person to be that you once helped during the period of you come up against difficulties.
        Therefore, we need to act as a people who is generous in giving help, have shown our loving heart like that not only , have become a sight for sore eyes


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