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        In a joint message welcoming the opening of the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany,United Nations Secretary-General Kofi A. Annan and FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter make an appeal for peace,tolerance and development. Their message is addressed to the whole world as it comes together in Munich to witness the start of the world"s biggest sporting event.
        Football is a global language. It can bridge social,cultural and religious divides. It enhances personal development and growth,teaches us teamwork and fair play,builds self-esteem and opens doors to new opportunities. This,in turn,can contribute to the well-being of whole communities and countries.
        That is why the United Nations is using football as a tool in our work to reach the Millennium Development Goals - the set of powerful,people-centred objectives adopted by all countries as a blueprint for building a better world in the 21st century.
        And it is why the United Nations is turning to football in our efforts to heal the emotional wounds of war among young people in refugee camps,and in countries recovering from armed conflict.
        At the World Summit last year,all of the world"s Governments declared that“sports can foster peace and development,and can contribute to an atmosphere of tolerance and understanding”。
        Over the next few weeks,as billions of people worldwide focus on the FIFA World Cup,we appeal to players and fans everywhere to support to us in our mission. Let us harness the magic of football in our quest for development and peace.
         Welcome to Germany——German Chancellor"s GREetings to FIFA 2006德國總理默克爾(Angela Merkel)的問候
         There are many dimensions to football"s allure and appeal:top-class moves,thrilling goals,majestic star players,thunderous encounters and passionate fans. Football stirs the emotions all over the globe,brings people from contrasting cultures together,and promotes solid virtues such as fairness,team spirit and tolerance. All these facets will emerge in their most intense form at the 2006 FIFA World Cup?in Germany next summer.
         Millions of people will be transfixed by this unique festival of sport and friendship. We are thoroughly looking forward to football of the highest quality. We"re delighted to welcome the biggest names in the sport as well as those nations set to appear at the finals for the first time. And we"re looking forward to GREeting fans from all over the world as they fill our cities with even more colour and life. A heartfelt welcome to everyone!
         Germany is a cosmopolitan country with a passion for football. The people will devote themselves to the job of ensuring the 2006 FIFA World Cup is an unforgettable experience,a fact demonstrated by the thousands of ordinary folk who have come forward as volunteers.
         Germany is well prepared to host the FIFA World Cup. We have finished constructing our new,modern stadiums and an outstanding transportation infrastructure. The organisation is in the enormously capable hands of the Organising Committee headed by Franz BECkenbauer. The slogan“A time to make friends?”perfectly describes our intention to ensure everyone revels in a secure and peaceful festival of football.
         The FIFA World Cup is a unique opportunity for Germany to present herself as a hospitable,joyful and modern nation bursting with ideas. I am convinced that the flames of passion and togetherness engendered by the FIFA World Cup in Germany will spread to the entire world.
         I"m personally looking forward to a festival of goals,excitement and fair play. We Germans will be right behind our national team,but our aim is to act as welcoming hosts and friends to every team and their fans. Passionate and cosmopolitan Germany is delighted to welcome visitors to the 2006 FIFA World Cup.
         足球的魅力是多方面的:高質量的比賽、激動人心的進球、神奇的球星、殘酷的遭遇戰、熱情的球迷。足球激發了全球的熱情,把不同文化背景的人們集合在一起,弘揚了公平、團隊精神和寬容等諸多美德。所有的這些方面都會在的2006 FIFA德國世界杯上強烈地表現出來。
         德國是一個充滿了足球激情的大國。人們忘我地工作,以確保2006 FIFA世界杯成為一次難忘的經歷,事實上,成千上萬的普通百姓成為了志愿者。
         德國為FIFA世界杯的舉辦做好了充分的準備。我們已經完成了現代化新場館的建設,建成了優良的運輸基礎設施。貝肯鮑爾(Franz BECkenbauer)的領導下的世界杯組委會運轉非常出色。本屆世界杯口號“友誼的盛會?”極好地描述了我們的意愿,我們要確保每個人都度過一個安全、和平的足球節日。
         我個人希望,這是一次進球、激情和公平競賽的節日。我們德國人當然堅定支持自己國家隊,但是,我們的目標是當好熱情的東道主和每支球隊及其球迷的朋友。充滿熱情、敞開懷抱的德國熱烈歡迎所有參與2006 FIFA世界杯足球賽的朋友們。
         Greeting from Joseph S. Blatter,FIFA President來自國際足聯主席約瑟夫·布拉特的問候
         “Welcome to the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany?”
         Seventeen years after the fall of the Berlin wall,a reunified Germany will throw open its doors to the world. Germany 2006 will be a place where people from all around the world will be welcomed by friends,in the spirit of the striking slogan chosen by the organisers:Die Welt zu Gast bei Freunden.
         The tournament is being held on the finest stage in the world,one whose symbolism far transcends the boundaries of sport. Hark back to Germany"s triumph at the 1954 FIFA World Cup in Switzerland,which sealed the country"s return to the international fold in the most beautiful manner possible.
         In 2006,Germans will have the opportunity to rectify certain clichés and preconceived ideas. The world will have the chance to see what a fantastic country Germany truly is:the beauty and diversity of its landscapes,its rich cultural heritage and the intelligence and good humour of its people.
         As for the legendary German work ethic and organisational skills,I am pleased to say those perennial qualities are alive and well - and we at FIFA are only too happy to take advantage of them.
         For at all levels,the overall investment in any World Cup tournament is immense. The event is financially supported by the German state,but also by the“L?nder”and the Host Cities. I would like to take this opportunity to offer my heartfelt thanks to all those who are currently working with such passion and commitment to make the occasion a memorable one.
         Today"s efforts will bear fruit tomorrow. German football,for example,will boast twelve spanking new or vastly improved stadiums in 2006. The whole German population too will benefit in terms of better transport and reception infrastructures.
         Football clubs,schools and people all over the land have really got behind this great event,providing further proof,if any were needed,of the prominent role football plays in all our lives. In this respect I would like to congratulate the German Football Association for inviting people from all walks of live to take part in this great event.
         Needless to say,none of this comes as a surprise and I am well aware of the loyalty of the Deutscher Fussball-Bund* and its President,my good friend Gerhard Mayer-Vorfelder. They enjoy my complete confidence in their ability to organise a tournament every bit as good as in 1974.
         Like Mexico,Italy and France,Germany is now organising its second FIFA World Cup. The first saw the great Franz Beckenbauer lift the trophy as captain of the winning team. Today,he presides over the Local Organising Committee in the run-up to a tournament which has changed considerably down the years:back in 1974,only sixteen sides took part,including the now-defunct German Democratic Republic(GDR)and Zaire. The latter were the only representative from the African continent and conceded fourteen goals with no reply.
         The 2006 tournament will be a vastly different affair. Thirty-two teams will have qualified,including five from Africa,all of whom now perform at a far higher level. Just remember how Senegal upset the odds in Korea and Japan in 2002. The same can be said for Asian teams,who produced a semi-finalist last year,something which would have been unthinkable back in 1974!
         These performances bear witness to FIFA"s efforts in the last quarter of a century to help the nations of the football world to compete on an equal footing. I will have the immense pleasure of welcoming you amongst my friends in Germany. We look forward to seeing you in 2006 to celebrate this unity!
         Joseph S. Blatter FIFA President


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